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GGIT South

On November 26 around 450  high school girls (10th and 11th grade) from public and private schools  from the South region will gather for a full day of technology immersion details TBA

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LLWB 10th Anniversary

LLWB celebrated its 10th anniversary by launching the “Women in Boardroom,” initiative. The initiative aims to bring together businesses who will commit to reaching 30% female representation on their Boards of Directors by 2025. Through this initiative, LLWB will be taking active steps to help women in breaking the glass ceiling and reaching top-level managerial positions. The initiative includes a campaign consisting of gathering business signatories who will commit to reach the number of women on boards of which we have currently signed with 22 private sector companies.

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Randa Farah's Story

Randa Farah is a specialist in Human Resources Management & an Entrepreneur as well. 

She Holds 3 university degrees and holds 3 functions! She is the co-founder of Lebtivity.com but also the HR Manager of ZRE, developers of Beirut Digital District, as well as a University Instructor at USJ and trainer.

Randa won many awards like the "Femme Francophone Entrepreneur" in 2014, was selected as top 20 entrepereneurs of the year in 2015, was selected to represent Lebanon in an international program for Women in business in USA in 2016 and was voted in the top 100 Lebanese Social Media Influencers in 2017, as well as the number 2 person who created a buzz in 2016 in the book of ten. She was ranked among the top women entrepreneurs in Lebanon and was selected for the Keep Walking Lebanon campaign for Johnnie Walker in 2017 (keepwalkinglebanon.com). 

Randa's passion for Lebanon and resilience made her an advocate for Culture and Events in Lebanon, where she promotes the positive cultural side of the country through Lebtivity.com

Her secret of success is good time management, client focus and loving what she does.

She also recommends to all women to remember that the more they succeed the more they should remain humble. Being productive is great, but a woman should also know how to stay feminine and modest and help others succeed as well while maintaining a work-life balance lifestyle. 

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Chantal Abou Jaoude's Story

Chantal Abou Jaoude is  a Lebanese Mechanical Engineer serving the Automotive Industry Aftermarket for the past 13 years with an aim at elevating the standards of this important yet largely under-developed sector in the region.

I founded my first company, EDGE, during my 4th year of Mechanical Engineering studies at AUB and EDGE Middle East, right after my Masters Degree in 2009, to cover the Iraqi market. While my companies’ core activities involve setting up and equipping high-end vehicle service and inspection facilities, I am most passionate about the part related to educating and training the decision makers as well as the technicians on new technologies and safety concepts; after all, what they decide and how they do it affects the lives of millions of people driving on the roads each day.

With Lebanon and Iraq offering limited exposure, I have recently accepted the challenge of setting up MAHA Middle East FZE – a regional subsidiary for a leading German manufacturer of equipment, handling the Automotive Aftermarket Project activities in 14 regional countries including the Levant, Gulf, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I am (the only female) member of the municipal council of the Municipality of Zalka where I live and run my office in Lebanon; I take every opportunity to assist new and emerging young, and especially female entrepreneurs, in their endeavors. The main driver behind my activities is my belief in the importance of sharing knowledge and exposure, in serving the community and in the valuable influence women can have when introduced to male-dominated industries!

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Vital Voices Global Partnership

Vital Voices Global Partnership NGO that works on women’s economic empowerment, political participation and human rights. Its mission is to identify, invest in and bring visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities."

The  Signature Programs include the   Global Ambassadors Program and the  VV Grow program whereby   each   year women from  all over the world who apply and  are selected will be   mentored. The candidates should be women who use business growth as a means to improve their  community and the world. Of course these  women each should have a daring vision that they wish to turn into a reality  and with the   long-term support that  Vital Voices provides the winners  , they   will be able to   expand their  skills, connections and visibility to be able to  accelerate.

Please visit the website to submit your application and for more information go to this link.

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Brilliant Lebanese Awards

Within the spirit of fostering entrepreneurship, in 2012, BLC Bank launched the Brilliant Lebanese Awards (BLA), the 1st Business Awards in Lebanon aimed at recognizing the achievements of entrepreneurs, both men and women, spearheading incredible initiatives spanning across the spectrum and showing leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

The Brilliant Lebanese Awards has two categories, the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and the Business of the Year selected by a professional impartial jury panel based on 4 criteria namely Creativity, Financial Performance, Sustainability & Scalability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Winners of each category receive a USD 30,000 cash prize, coaching by jury panelists and nationwide and global exposure across all media (TV, Digital, Press…).

This competition is open to the public and sees participants from all over Lebanon bringing different approaches to the table with their ambition and exceptional work. The winners are selected by a panel of professionals including representatives from Banque Du Liban, Berytech, Lebanese American University, Endeavor, IFC, Kafalat, Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), BLC Bank and successful female entrepreneurs.

Since 2012, over 750 applications have been received, 64 finalists have participated in the awards (among which 38 women) with almost endless marketing and exposure and 315,000 USD in cash prizes.


Think you have what it takes to be one of this year’s finalists and dazzle the professional jury panel? Visit the Awards official website link to learn more, see the eligibility criteria and check previous

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