Governance Practices

The LLWB board follows best practices of NGO governance.  The board aims to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability in all of its activities and provides continuous improvements in remaining relevant to its members and the Lebanese business community at large.   

Since 2016, LLWB has  become a member of the UN Global Compact.   

The board holds regular (monthly and bi-monthly) board meetings   as well as hosting  an annual general assembly, created 7 active committees, and recruited 2 full time employees.  

Presently, the board is working on installing a Customer Relations Management (CRM) software to automate all internal processes to be of best purpose to the members. All our events are open to the public and we are engaging newcomers all the time in which we share our values and commitments to the advancement of women cause.

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REACH Program

An MOU has been signed between LLWB and Reach Mentoring to launch the first year pilot mentoring program starting October 2017. You can add more details from the press release text. And put a link to reach website, Link.

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Girls Day

Girls day is a German initiative where every year enterprises with technical, operational and industrial departments organize an open day for girls, where they act as an employee of the company for the day and perform activities within the production process. LLWB  adopted this initiative as part of our partnership with GPP and VDu, a project by the German government to strengthen women associations in the region. We believe that Girls’ Day will introduce the girls to industries and fields they would not otherwise  consider as a  profession and give them a better understanding of careers in STEAM.

Our first Girls Day was held   on 19 May 2017. Five  schools participated (public and private) with 40 girls. The girls were hosted by 5 companies: ANB (Mazda), Debbas, Technica, Benta Pharma Industries, Alkanater. 

 At this  years event Kinana Tai, service manager for Electra Engineering  shared with the girls her experience and expertise. At the end of the day all the girls received a certificate from LLWB and Girls Day Germany detailing the activities done and at which company To find out more

Girl's Day will be held annually in different regions of Lebanon  on 27 April 2018 same day as in Germany. 

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Regional Development in Bekaa and North

In Partnership with Mercy Corps Intaj Project:

The Regional Women Development initiative at LLWB is committed to reaching women in business from all regions of Lebanon with customized trainings, workshops, networking and other professional opportunities.  Research suggests that 70% of women in business are localized in Beirut and Mount Lebanon and our aim is to  increase the numbers in the remote areas through our outreach programs.

LLWB is implementing 2 regional development projects in Bekaa and Tripoli respectively in partnership with Mercy Corps Intaj Project


LLWB launched its Northern office on April 20 at the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli with around 80 attendees. The participants were very eager to become active members in their business and entrepreneur community.

Twenty workshops and activities will be organized in the North area in 2018. 


LLWB Bekaa chapter was launched back in 2010 and is a very active chapter who participates in LLWB activities.  This year, special workshops have been conceived and will be organized in the Bekaa region in partnership with Mercy Corps Intaj project.

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Women on Board

On October 20th of 2016, the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB), launched a milestone and daring initiative:  30% Women in the Board Room by 2025.

The initiative is in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIAB), Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), Capital Concept, and International Labor Organization (ILO).  So far 27 seven companies have signed our “Call for Action” and committed to the cause.

The reasons behind this advocacy cause are:

·         Companies that embrace diversity over-perform companies that do not.

·         There are no women on board of Lebanese companies except in family businesses. Adding to that, their participation does not exceed 1%

·         Most women in executive positions are not given the opportunity to move forward or the window to become board members. They simply remain in their current positions for years and decades with no chance of promotion

·         Lack of legislation and public policies that oblige both private and public sectors to choose and promote executive women to board member positions

·         Lack of equal gender balance @ management level

·         The environment and the culture; both are unprepared yet to encourage women to “break the glass ceiling”

LLWB with the help of experts have set the following action plan:

1.    Drafted the needed policy

2.    Are in the middle of writing the draft law to be submitted to the Ministry of Women Affairs

3.    Signed an MOU with the International Labor Organization to do the needed auditing and training for private sector companies

4.    Set a program of training for women executives from different industries to enhance their skills and knowledge (in order to have a group of professional ladies’ ready to become Board Members)

5.    Meeting with different stakeholders from private and public sectors to promote the initiative and engage them in advocating for it. Put them in the right mind set to identify qualified women, work on guiding them through the right career path. To build on their skills, personality and competencies.

6.    Approach companies in Lebanon to join our movement and align their corporate strategies to embrace the “Women on Boardroom” initiative

The above will only materialize if men and women work together to make the change, advocate for a new culture and enhance the knowledge of all qualified women.

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Shouf Entrepreneurs Skills Development

Women entrepreneurship program, a training program that resulted from the partnership between rural entrepreneurs and Lebanese league for women in Business.

The trainings were done between April and May with 5 different sessions at the Baakline national library in Shouf:

  1. Leadership with Rania Chehayeb
  2. Communication with Rania Chehayeb
  3. How to set a business plan – Part 1 with Nadine Asmar
  4. How to set a business plan – Part 2 with Nadine Asmar
  5. Digital marketing with Joseph Chaycoub

Start-ups and established entrepreneurs attended the sessions, after which they set/finalized their business plans.

The program included a follow up and coaching plan for participants who want to execute the business plan set.

Coaches will be assign for desiring participating entrepreneur to support and guide them during the execution of their startups.

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Join and Grow

Join and Grow monthly events have proven to be a great success. We invite industry experts to come and share their experiences on a business topic with our members. This gives our members the chance to build their network, exchange expertise and promote business relationships. Some of the past Join and Grow event speakers included:

·         H.E. Ms. Hester Somsen (Ambassadress of the Netherlands) 4 February 2016
·         Ms. Nabila Jabbour Fares (Mayor of Rabyeh) 3 March 2016
·         Ms. Rana Ghandour Salhab (Deloitte Partner) Coaching and Mentoring 13 July
·         Mr. Marwan Nasr PUM project 8 September 2016
·         Ms. Corinne Kiame (Managing Director IM Capital)  29 November 2016
·         Dr. Fadi Gemayel (Association of Lebanese Industrialists, President) 22 February 2017
·         Mr. Karl George  (Managing Director of Thought Forum How to be an Effective Board Member) 10 April 2017
·         Networking Event (Allyson Jerab Managing Director of Momice) 22 May 2017

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Trainings and Workshops

We have witnessed a 125% increase in membership over the last several years with an average of 10 new members a month. We are confident that these numbers will continue to rise as we continuously receive positive feedback on our various programs. Some of our programs include various trainings, mentoring opportunities, angel investing, access to international awards, international platforms and many others.

Here are our customized training Programs for LLWB Members for 2018:

Coming Soon

  • ·         Executive Education Program at AUB

 LLWB is bringing the Learn Impact Grow program in partnership with the AUB Olayan School of Business (OSB) to its members and friends. The program targets both executives and business owners who would like to stay abreast of the latest trends and   create new opportunities for sustainable growth. The program will be delivered over weekends in 6 modules of 2-3 days in September, October, and November 2017. (Program dates are September 15-16 & 29-30, October 5-7, 19-21, 27-28, November 10-11).

Already administered this year

  • ·         SME Banking with Bank Audi

In line with promoting SME banking to our members, LLWB is co-operating with Bank Audi to carve a long term relationship and introduce the  services  to our members. On March 9,  Bank Audi gave  a presentation to LLWB members in Beirut and held a Q & A session to address the specifics of our members.  This event will be repeated in the regional chapters of LLWB , North and Bekaa.

  • ·         How to Become an Effective Board Member training workshops

LLWB have partnered with PWC for PWC’s Effective Board Member (EBM) program. This leading program has been exclusively designed for C-Suite professionals operating in Lebanon and the GCC region. The program will benefit women who are already on boards and those who aspire to be and also helps family business owners to structure their corporate governance in a more effective manner. An international certification from the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP) will be given which will be of great value to the members when applying to future board positions. (Program was given over the period of 4 days March 16-17 and April 10-11.

  Other workshops with industry leaders have already been organized on the following topics: digital marketing strategy, leadership, how to write a business plan, communication skills, branding, and more.  Stay tuned to our website for more workshops coming our members way.

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Lebanese Women Angel Fund

This project was launched in May 2017 and is made possible by a partnership between LLWB and IM-Capital, to implement a new edition of the Seeders program (Seeders MBA - designed to build the investment readiness of women.  The project has two folds:  an education track and an investment track. The participants learn about investment by attending the Seeders Masterclass for Business Angels delivered by Swiss partner GoBeyond Early-stage Investing (; and on the other hand, the participants make investments as a group in promising start-ups. 

In brief, and through a ‘learn & earn’ methodology, the project aims to foster the integration of women in entrepreneurship by graduating batches of qualified women angel investors to invest in women-led startups. We hope to create an impact fund which will redefine the role of women in business, beyond social and economic boundaries.

$10K entry tickets would be pooled from every participant and placed into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), typically a Lebanese Holding, benefiting from 50% investment guarantee by IM Capital. The group meets 8 qualified SMEs during investment meetings organized every 6-8 weeks, making 3-4 investments by the end of the year using a portfolio investment approach. Tickets will have a range of $50K-100K.

If you are interested in becoming a woman angel, please contact us directly.

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Girl's Got "IT"

1,903 girls trained on STEM topics so far!

LLWB, with the support of UNICEF, and in partnership with Arab Women in Computing (ArabWIC), Women in Technology (WIT), Women in Engineering (WIE) and Digital Opportunity trust (DOT) together came up with the “Girls Got IT” ( initiative which has been implemented in Beirut, Beqaa, Tripoli, Akkar and Tyre. 

The objective of the initiative is to encourage girls from public and private schools and from marginalized communities to experience the capabilities of IT (Information Technology) and STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). This would provide the girls with the opportunity to select STEM fields as career choices; to promote essential technology skills for today's global economy; to improve girls self-esteem through learning by using hands-on activities; and to bridge the gender gap in technology-related fields by bringing awareness to girl students on the importance of ICT and the opportunities it can offer. 

Our aim is also to break the cultural stereotypes of women in STEM by exposing young girls to inspiring role models and success stories from Lebanon and to strengthen the bonds within society through fostering volunteering and the spirit of giving back to the society.

During Girls Got IT, the girls have the opportunity to practice hand-on experience in a full day of break - out sessions  that  introduces them  to many  different areas of STEM such as software coding, hardware and product development, android mobile application, web development and coding, robotics and much more. The selection of the age bracket of 15 -16 years is crucial to provide girls with the exposure needed to STEM before they embark on their long term career decisions. The girls will gain the confidence needed to know that STEM careers are accessible to them. 

5th Girls Got IT Tyre - November 24, 2017

The fifth Girls got IT (GGIT) event took place on November 24, 2017 at Tyre Secondary Mixed School. A total of 467 girls from private and public schools attended the event and learned about various STEM subjects. 

A total of 21 workshops were running in parallel throughout the day organized by different organizations including DOT, IdeatoLife, Teens Who Code, Berytech Fab Lab, Keeward and many others. 

Among the keynote speakers during the event were:

  • Minister of State for Administrative Reform Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine,
  • UNICEF representatives Ms. Amira Alameddine and Nawal Ayyad,
  • Ministry of Education and Higher Education representative Ms. Soumaya Hneineh.  

A number of inspirational speakers also shared their experiences with the participants and encouraged them to pursue their dreams, beyond the gender stereotypes imposed by society. 

The GGIT event was held in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and UNICEF, and funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands. 

4th Girls Got IT - Mini-GGIT Akkar  

3rd Girls Got IT (GGIT) Tripoli - May 13, 2017 

On May 13th, 450 Lebanese and Syrian Refugee high school girls (10th and 11th grades) from public and private schools  in the North  gathered  for a full days of technology immersion at the Beirut Arab University (BAU)- Tripoli campus. This event was sponsored by UNICEF through a generous funding by the Netherlands.

For more information about this  program, participating schools, and workshops, please go to the following link.

2nd Girls Got IT (GGIT) Bekaa - Day 1: November 26, 2016 

On 26 November 2016, 450 high school and refugee girls gathered at Lebanese International University (LIU) – Khiara, West Bekaa campus. The event was held in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and, and was supported by UNICEF and funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands. 

For more information about program, participating schools, and workshops, please go to the following link.

2nd Girls Got IT (GGIT) Bekaa - Day 2: November 27, 2016

On 27 November 2016, 200 Syrian Refugee girls coming from refugee settlements and vulnerable communities attended tailored Arabic content STEM workshops. For more information about program, participating schools, and workshops, please go to the Link.

1st Girls Got IT (GGIT) Beirut - March 12, 2016

On the 12th of March 2016, 400 high school girls in public and private schools (10th and 11th grades)  from  Beirut and Mount Lebanon gathered at the Dbayeh Convention Center. 

For more information about program, participating schools, and workshops, please go to the following link.

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