Lebanese Women Angel Fund

This project was launched in May 2017 and is made possible by a partnership between LLWB and IM-Capital, to implement a new edition of the Seeders program (Seeders MBA -http://www.seeders.co) designed to build the investment readiness of women.  The project has two folds:  an education track and an investment track. The participants learn about investment by attending the Seeders Masterclass for Business Angels delivered by Swiss partner GoBeyond Early-stage Investing (http://www.go-beyond.biz); and on the other hand, the participants make investments as a group in promising start-ups. 

In brief, and through a ‘learn & earn’ methodology, the project aims to foster the integration of women in entrepreneurship by graduating batches of qualified women angel investors to invest in women-led startups. We hope to create an impact fund which will redefine the role of women in business, beyond social and economic boundaries.

$10K entry tickets would be pooled from every participant and placed into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), typically a Lebanese Holding, benefiting from 50% investment guarantee by IM Capital. The group meets 8 qualified SMEs during investment meetings organized every 6-8 weeks, making 3-4 investments by the end of the year using a portfolio investment approach. Tickets will have a range of $50K-100K.

If you are interested in becoming a woman angel, please contact us directly.