Girls Day

Girls day is a German initiative where every year enterprises with technical, operational and industrial departments organize an open day for girls, where they act as an employee of the company for the day and perform activities within the production process. LLWB  adopted this initiative as part of our partnership with GPP and VDu, a project by the German government to strengthen women associations in the region. We believe that Girls’ Day will introduce the girls to industries and fields they would not otherwise  consider as a  profession and give them a better understanding of careers in STEAM.

Our first Girls Day was held   on 19 May 2017. Five  schools participated (public and private) with 40 girls. The girls were hosted by 5 companies: ANB (Mazda), Debbas, Technica, Benta Pharma Industries, Alkanater. 

 At this  years event Kinana Tai, service manager for Electra Engineering  shared with the girls her experience and expertise. At the end of the day all the girls received a certificate from LLWB and Girls Day Germany detailing the activities done and at which company To find out more

Girl's Day will be held annually in different regions of Lebanon  on 27 April 2018 same day as in Germany.