Shouf Entrepreneurs Skills Development

Women entrepreneurship program, a training program that resulted from the partnership between rural entrepreneurs and Lebanese league for women in Business.

The trainings were done between April and May with 5 different sessions at the Baakline national library in Shouf:

  1. Leadership with Rania Chehayeb
  2. Communication with Rania Chehayeb
  3. How to set a business plan – Part 1 with Nadine Asmar
  4. How to set a business plan – Part 2 with Nadine Asmar
  5. Digital marketing with Joseph Chaycoub

Start-ups and established entrepreneurs attended the sessions, after which they set/finalized their business plans.

The program included a follow up and coaching plan for participants who want to execute the business plan set.

Coaches will be assign for desiring participating entrepreneur to support and guide them during the execution of their startups.