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North Lebanon

LLWB North Chapter was launched in April 2017 in partnership with the Improved Networks, Training, and Jobs (INTAJ) program and Mercy Corps. Since then, LLWB has been working on establishing itself within the Northern Communities through building partnerships with ecosystem partners working in the area, implementing skills development workshops addressing the needs of our members, and holding networking events to provide our members with a platform for sharing experiences. 

Since January 2018, LLWB has been working in partnership with various NGOs in the North on assessing the needs of women in business and women entrepreneurs in the region, for the purpose of designing collaborative activities adapted to identified needs. 

The LLWB North Chapter activities cover the areas of North Lebanon and Akkar. For further details about our activities under the North Chaper please contact


LLWB launched its Beqaa Chapter in 2010 and revived its activities in April 2017. LLWB's activities in Beqaa include skills development workshops targeting women entrepreneurs and women in business, networking events providing our members with the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge in addition to soft skills trainings targeting students and youth in the region.  

Since 2018 LLWB has been working on increasing its reach among ecosystem and community partners within the Beqaa region in order to develop and design collaborative activities targeting the communities' needs. LLWB has also been working on assessing the needs of women in business and women entreprenuers in Beqaa in order to better understand and be able to address existing gaps. 

Our Beqaa Chapter activities covers the regions of West Beqaa, Chtaura, Baalbeck, among other. For further details about our activities in Beqaa, please contact  



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