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Annual Registration Fees at LLWB is 150,000 LL / $100 to be renewed yearly

Please take your time to read the Code of Ethics This document clarifies the responsibilities and obligations that members of LLWB have to each other, and in all the relationships they have with other external organizations and individuals in the name of LLWB.

In our mission to encourage women in business to “Take the lead and succeed”, LLWB is keen to set fundamental principles, operational principles, and standards in alignment with our core values and which would be regulating all activities and practices of LLWB members, executive committee and staff.

LLWB Core Values:
• Integrity
• Transparency
• Gender equality
• Social responsibility

By spelling out the basic values and principles by which LLWB has chosen to govern itself, it is meant to help members understand these responsibilities and obligations, and address important behavior or attitude issues that may arise.

The objectives of this document are:
• To protect and contribute positively to LLWB and its members’ images
• To ensure harmonious relationships between members, most of whom are volunteers
• To enhance internal cohesion, and improve efficiency and pleasure in working together
• To reflect, and discuss core principles, standards and ways of conducting services and activities.
• To serve as a statement to beneficiaries, donors and stakeholders of LLWB.

When joining LLWB, members agree to adhere to a set of basic values and principles, and that they promote in their activity.

Responsibility, Service, and Public Mindedness

Mindful of our respect for one another, our regard for the reputation of LLWB, our pride in our personal and professional standing, and our obligation to empower women and girls nationwide, it is expected that all LLWB members and staff will:
• Conduct personal and professional relationships with awareness that, by agreeing to participate in the fulfillment of the Association’s mission, we assume responsibility for the honor of the LLWB community both internally and in the external world.
• Recognize that within the Association each person takes part in a social contract that assumes the fair, responsive, straightforward, and courteous communication and behavior that persons of good will and mutual trust may expect from one another.
• We will accomplish the above as we encourage the next generation of young women to become responsible citizens who will effect positive change in their own communities and work environments.
Members Practice and Cooperation
At LLWB, every member is treated with the utmost respect and integrity. We as an Association embrace and value diversity and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form. We will always strive to meet the highest standard of performance, quality, and service as we work to achieve our mission. We are committed to professional development of all of our peers and take seriously our responsibility to support, nurture, teach, and inspire each other.

LLWB will encourage a culture where individuals feel free to express their opinions, engage in open, honest debate in the interest of seeking fruitful outcome and building consensus.

As well, cooperation and the building of an effective partnership between members are essential to enhance the effectiveness of work together, and the image and reputation of LLWB. Therefore each member should strive to:

• Work and communicate in an open, consultative, cooperative and effective way
• Share knowledge and experience; be ready to mentor less experienced members
• Recognize and respect the roles and expertise of each other, and work in partnership with
each other, in order maximize available synergies
• Honor work commitments, agreements and arrangements, and be reliable, dependable and
• Work in solidarity with each other and with all the women of the world
Public Information/Communications
LLWB strives to inform and educate the general public regarding the strengths and needs of professional women. The LLWB executive committee adopts policy statements that express its values and convictions on issues related to our value proposition. These policies are integrated in our programs, advocacy, communication, and public education activities.

LLWB will provide information that reflects and fosters these values and gives the public truthful, clear, and full disclosure of the organization’s programs, activities, finances, operating standards, and practices.
We will ensure that all confidential, privileged or nonpublic information is not disclosed inappropriately and will respect the privacy rights of all individuals.

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